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March 2016 St. Augustine, Florida Retreat

I recently attended one of Tom & Susanna Massari's Metaphysical Retreats in St. Augustine, FL, and I can't say enough about it.   They created an intimate setting for learning and growth.

Knowledgeable speakers who talk at you are a dime-a-dozen.  To my delight, the selected speakers in this retreat talked with you, instead.  Humor and a respectful sense of caring were ever-present.  Each was open to any additional insights the audience had and created a synergy of co-creation and learning which I have yet to experience at any other workshop.

I particularly appreciated how Abram handled each of us as unique beings.  When asked a question by an individual, Abram intuitively knew how much that questioner could emotionally handle and the level of intellectual sophistication he could use to phrase his answer.  Some of us needed a gentle touch and others were pushed hard to answer our own questions; thus, teaching us a method of figuring out life's challenges when we didn't have the benefit of an enlightened being at our sides.

My thanks to both the Massaris, their guest speakers, my fellow seekers, and our host and hostess, who made the weekend an enchanting stroll for me as I journey along on my own personal path.  V.S. - FL


Retreat Testimonials


What an honor to have finally met you and Sue.  I felt so “home”.  Thank you for your time and generosity! Much love to you and Sue!!

I will try my best to express in words what Tom and Sue’s retreat was like for me.  Being around others who are warm, caring, and welcoming brought a feeling of “home".   The generosity and love was shared by everyone.  I laughed, I cried, and learned a whole lot.  Abram is a hoot.  It was a fun experience and a retreat that I am open to returning again and again.  Thank you Tom and Sue!  K.H. - TX

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